iStripper Mobile Review

Every user of the iOS system with an expectation to enjoy the leisure time with the adult content and they can research the latest updates of iStripper mobile app. The first-class elements of the software iStripper put every stripper on user’s computer taskbar and let them to view free or purchased scenes from the browser. You can use this mobile app and watch the hot and erotic sex scenes from the comfort of your place at any time.

iStripper For Android

An anime style adult sex game, which lets you navigate a virtual world.
One of the best rated 3D sex games. Create your character and emulate your fantasies.

The iStripper is accessible through the browser on a mobile and desktop. The desktop software of this adult entertainment source makes users satisfied. All new and existing users of this platform access their favourite library of downloaded scenes and models through the browser.      

Is iStripper Safe?

The iStripper desktop software is available in the beta state at this time. There is a contextual menu when users tap a performer and access a list of extra controls especially while right-clicking on the desktop.

Everyone who accesses here can easily advance via individual shows. They jump to particular point-scenes about a pole, partially naked model, or model in underwear, and other things. The main categories in this platform are the recommended, trending, cosplay, and popular pornstars.  However, there are no filters for other preferences like the type of clothing or scenes, body type, hair color, and other things.

All users of the desktop version of this platform can use the same account to log-in to the mobile application. They feel happy and comfortable to access to their existing support, purchased credits and show ratings. They have different thoughts about what needs to enhance in this platform. They expect the team behind this platform to fix for an issue which prevents them from viewing the overall cards they have bought irrespective of whether such thing was on mobile or desktop.

Make an informed decision

Individuals who go to their collection in the iStripper can view the number of cards they own as the number is shown on the back of every card. However, they can only access 25 of their owned cards so far. This problem has to be fixed soon especially in the upcoming mobile launch. If there is a section to show the newest releases, then every user of this platform gets 100% satisfaction and makes a good decision to enhance their way to use it. The best deals represent the maximum percentage of the entire cards they purchase.