AI Robotic Sex Bot & Sex Dolls

Life-sized sex dolls with animatronics and artificial intelligence impress everyone in the market for the adult entertaining products. Though these products are available in the developmental stage at this time, prototypes of such products offer clues of what entirely functional sex robots look and work in the upcoming days.

Many men and women seek how to make use of the artificial intelligence sex doll personality for the sexual and romantic conversations. They like to know and make certain everything about the sexbots and artificial intelligence sex doll projects.

AI Sex Dolls

  1. Wicked Doll
  2. Classic Doll
  3. Petite Doll

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Realbotix/Abyss Creations

Realbotix is a well-known project launched by Abyss Creations’s Matt McMullen in 2015.  This private company is known for its sexbot manufacturing facilities.  You can research the basics of the sexbots and use every chance to fulfil expectations about the sexbot shopping.

Silicone sex dolls from this company are very popular and designed to give 100% sexual satisfaction to every user. The latest artificial intelligence sex dolls are properly equipped with the best elements and known for its Android-only RealDollX app.

Faces in this sex robot are swapped and attached to the robotic head with the patented magnetic technology. They decide on the appearance of their sex companions and use every option to spice things up in the sex life.

Sex Robots For Men

AI Tech – Emma

AI Tech is a leading Chinese company and known for its animatronic sex doll known as Emma released in April 2017. This sex doll is made of food-grade thermoplastic elastomer. This doll can move its head, talk to people in Chinese and English, blink, and do other things like the hot woman.

A full skeleton of this sex doll is made of clad steel. Built-in touch sensors make users of this doll satisfied. This is because this sex doll moans when touched. This sex doll can be heated to 37 degrees Celsius. This human body temperature makes its users satisfied. There are 5 head options and different customization options like the genital type, skin color, height, and other removable and fixed types.

Lux Botics

Lux Botics is the luxury service humanoids with the sexual application. This company successfully develops the service robot for several markets like the elder care, sexual and romantic companionship, and fashion. The female robot created by this company has an automated skeleton dedicated for sexual motion. The realistic motion of this sex doll’s smartly designed skeleton gives an array of benefits for its users.